About Us

MountainHouse Firearms is owned and operated by MountainHouse Services, LLC. The business was originally founded in the San Francisco east bay area in 1986 by owner-operator Jeff VanderMeulen, with a focus on law enforcement firearms sales. Business prospered and continued to grow until 1995 when local regulatory requirements governing retail firearms sales forced the closure of the business. MountainHouse Firearms reopened in Amador County in 2009.

MountainHouse Firearms is federally licensed for the acquisition and disposition of firearms and is licensed in California to operate as a retail sales outlet for firearms that can be legally sold in California.

MountainHouse Firearms offers special orders for law enforcement and can deliver to permanent/full time law enforcement officers at their location of employment.

Let MountainHouse Firearms process your inter and intra-state firearms transactions and your Private Party Transfers.  For out of state purchases, sales and dealer transfers, a $25.00 documentation fee is all it takes to get started.  Any shipping and/or handling fees are extra.

When purchasing a firearm in another state and you intend to take possession in California, be sure the firearm can be legally possessed and registered in California.  This can be done by checking the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms website.

DISCLAIMER:  If you purchase a firearm online, sold in another state, or both and intend to have it shipped to MountainHouse Firearms for final disposition, notify us in advance so that the purchase can be legally processed for ownership in California.  Firearms sent to MountainHouse Firearms without prior approval will be returned to the sender.

All firearms purchased outside California and shipped to California for final disposition are subject to California sales tax based on the out of state purchase price.

Appraisals and approximate price/value information can be provided online or over the phone.

For more information, call 209/295-7761 or email info@mountainhousefirearms.com.


All new firearms are priced at a 10% markup over wholesale. Consignment sales are charged a 10% fee. California sales tax, shipping charges on firearms ordered from a wholesaler and a California DROS fee of $25 per firearm transaction are also added to the total purchase price.


Due to low overhead and a limited inventory, MountainHouse Firearms is able to offer unusually low prices. Most new gun sales are special order with a deposit required prior to placement of any order.

Consignment Sales

For Consignment sales, your firearm will be posted on our website until it sells.  This service is provided at no additional charge.

Estate Sales

MountainHouse Firearms will assist you in disposing of firearms associated with an estate. Contact us for details.

All major credit cards are accepted.